Family in Islam: AAMO’s first Bay Area conference draws over 750 attendees

For Sitara Magazine By Khalida Sarwari To conjure up an image of “home” is to evoke the faces of a mother and father, big brothers and little sisters, mischievous cousins, chatty aunts and playful uncles, doting grandma and grandpa. The concept of home and that of family are inseparable. In addition, family is the very origin of our identities, both as Afghan-Americans and as Muslims. On February 17, respectable speakers from different walks of life […]

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Hope on the horizon: British Consul General says Afghanistan has come far, but still has a way to go

For Sitara Magazine By Khalida Sarwari Everybody’s talking about Afghanistan. On CNN, reports of the daily carnage are sandwiched in between Britney Spears’ latest escapades and confessions of weary-looking has-beens on Larry King Live. Afghanistan has made its presence – and not just in the news. The Western world is meeting Afghanistan in books, like Khalid Hosseini’s acclaimed novel, The Kite Runner, and in kabob houses, over bolani and cardamom tea. Though tarnished and broken […]

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